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of tanning beds are used by so many teens the laws are changing on how minors can access those tanning beds. >> ok. >> in her busy season janice says she sees about 2,000 tanning clients a month. she doesn't allow kids under the age 16 but young clients aren't uncommon. >> i have seen where you have got a 13 or 14-year-old where it's the parent who can allow them to do it but there should be some sort of guidelines. >> in maryland a law-made parental consent form is required in 2008. but now -- >> what we heard was the form we were using that educated parents and their teenagers about the risks of tanning was not up to date. they include parents show a state-issued i.d. signifying a language that indoor tanning causes skin dancer. to maryland we want them understand what the risks are. >> while january is says she doesn't see many differences tween the two forms, she's not opposed to it. >> children under the age of 17 should be able to have their parents to allow they will to do anything. >> one worries more regulation will eventually hurt business. >> they are going to keep going more a
meetings as unproductive despite link between animal abuse and violent crime many law enforcement officials continue to treat animal abuse as a minor property crime. accounting for the number of cases has become a challenge according to the report. a system was set up in 2009 to track cases but according to the report animal control never fully implemented or sustained the protocolors and it falls under health department but the commissioner didn't attend a meeting of the anti-abuse commission for 18 months after she was appointed and says it remains the step child of the department and it's chronically underfunded and understaffed. just one animal control officer is on duty at night according to the report and since last year no one's responding to calls of animals running at large. >> they say five key members of the commission recently resigned including the commission chair and a circuit court judge who had lots of trouble when her own dog was attacked. >> and they stay mayor is reviewing the report and maintains the city does not tolerate animal abuse. >> $600 million reasons to buy a
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2